May 25, 2023
Large-scale energy and battery storage are playing a critical role in New York's plans for grid resilience and the transition to clean and sustainable energy for its residents. Read More >
Energy Storage Siting and Permitting in New York
May 08, 2023
The vast majority of New Yorkers live within coastal areas along the Hudson River, Long Island Sound, and Great Lakes. Although these areas account for a minor percentage of the State’s overall land mass, the population densities far outpace landlocked communities, often resulting in competing, if not conflicting, demands for economic development and conservation. Read More >
Local Coast Policies
March 01, 2023
For years, landlords seeking to terminate residential tenancies outside of New York City had to be careful about the termination date they chose in a termination notice. That may no longer be the case, however, thanks to the enactment of the Housing Stabilization and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA). Read More >
Ossining downtown
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