Cuddy & Feder’s Litigation team may be hard-nosed litigators, but we keep our clients’ business needs foremost. When time is money, and the opponent’s strategy is to cause delay, our Litigation team will work to bring about the swiftest resolution with the best results.
When our client, the Sponsors of a 74-lot luxury home development in Rockland County, ran into a legal dispute with the existing home owners’ association (HOA) that threatened to further delay construction of new units, Cuddy & Feder came in to help move things along.
We employ around 30 different law firms, but Cuddy & Feder was absolutely the magic without which the project might not have happened!
At Cuddy & Feder, we think of ourselves not just as lawyers, but as problem-solvers who are here to help you accomplish your business goals. Our Real Estate and Financial teams recently came together to help a client in just this way – to secure the lease and financing for an airport facility at the Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY.
Sometimes deals don’t go the way you expect, and that’s when Cuddy & Feder’s full-service team of land use attorneys and litigators is ready to step in.
When clients hired Cuddy & Feder to help them resolve a big problem encountered in buying property, they had no idea they would need us to help them fix an even bigger problem that would arise when it came time to sell.