Effective representation of clients engaged in large scale redevelopment projects starts at the local level and involves regional, state and national interests that require a multi-disciplinary integrated team of counsel with practical and creative approaches to guide projects to completion.
Clients who work with Cuddy & Feder’s Litigation attorneys routinely benefit not only from our mastery of the law, but from our trademark approach of identifying with their concerns and investing ourselves in solving their complex legal challenges as if they were our own.

Whether through mediation, arbitration, settlement or litigation, our team of highly skilled attorneys successfully handle, through trial and appeal, a broad array of commercial and personal disputes – from title, finance and corporate litigation, multifaceted real estate, zoning and land use, and telecommunications issues, to all manners of business transactions and conflicts and estate litigation. In addition to our extensive experience in the various Federal and State courts, we regularly represent clients before municipal, administrative and other regulatory and governmental agencies, and in all manners of alternative dispute resolution.

Our clients’ best interests are our paramount concern. Governed by this guiding principle, our attorneys specialize in furnishing the preemptive strategies and negotiating the subtle resolutions necessary to help mitigate disputes before the need for litigation arises. We also work seamlessly as a multidisciplinary firm to closely consult with other departments on how best to structure transactions to substantially decrease the odds for litigation. And if litigation does become necessary, we draw on our vast expertise in all aspects of pretrial and trial practice to put our clients in the best position to achieve their desired result.

If an existing or new client is faced with the decision whether to appeal an adverse decision, or has been named in an appeal, our litigation attorneys will carefully analyze the record, identify the issues on appeal, and assess the likelihood of success on appeal before making a strategic recommendation. Should we proceed, our lawyers will engage in all aspects of appellate practice, including but not limited to motion practice, compiling the record on appeal, drafting the appellate briefs, and oral argument.

We are certified with the Serengeti E-billing Certification. This certification establishes that our firm can provide electronic bills to our clients. For more information please visit the website http://www.serengetilaw.com


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In this video, Josh Kimerling, Partner and Chair of the Litigation group will discuss what to do if your project faces opposition, which may occur during the land use process itself prior to project approvals or thereafter in a post-approval challenge in the form of an Article 78 proceeding.
Cuddy & Feder is pleased to announce that Legal Services of the Hudson Valley (LSHV) honored Kempshall McAndrew as a Pro Bono Housing Project Volunteer at their 2022 National Pro Bono Week Awards Ceremony held on Wednesday, October 26th. The ceremony was held at LSHV’s newest satellite office in the Gateway Building in White Plains.
For years, landlords seeking to terminate residential tenancies outside of New York City had to be careful about the termination date they chose in a termination notice. That may no longer be the case, however, thanks to the enactment of the Housing Stabilization and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 (HSTPA).
We employ around 30 different law firms, but Cuddy & Feder was absolutely the magic without which the project might not have happened!
Roger Woolsey, Owner, Million Air
I have worked with Cuddy & Feder for many years, during which time the firm has effectively guided my company through various disputes and litigations. Their advice and counseling often enabled my business to avoid having to go to court, but when litigation became inevitable, Cuddy’s litigators are at their finest.
Ania Levy, IT Business Owner & Consultant
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