Check out the latest issue of “In The Know” from Sullivan County Partnership, featuring articles by two of our partners, Eon Nichols and Amy Natsoulis. Eon’s article delves into the pivotal role of Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) and PILOTS in financing real estate projects. He explains how IDAs facilitate financing through “straight-lease” transactions, which offer benefits such as mortgage recording tax exemption, sales and use tax exemption, and real property tax abatements. Additionally, IDAs provide various financial incentives, including taxable or tax-exempt bonds, to support qualified development projects.

In her article, Amy Natsoulis, Partner and Vice-Chair of the Firm’s Real Estate, Corporate, Finance & Non-Profit Groups, emphasizes the importance of non-disclosure agreements. She explains how these agreements serve as invaluable tools in safeguarding sensitive information and preserving business interests.

View the Spring 2024 Issue of “In The Know” to read their insightful contributions.

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