July 16, 2020
Managing Partner Christopher B. Fisher joins business and community leaders in a Westchester County Association (WCA) webinar discussing how the county's reopening will include further integration and upgrades in technology in schools, retail, healthcare sector, and a growing remote workforce. Read More >
July 16, 2020
Neil T. Rimsky, Chair of the Trusts, Estates and Elder Law group at Cuddy & Feder LLP shares helpful information on the benefits and use of a power of attorney and health care proxy. Read More >
June 05, 2020
In this informative talk hosted by the Westchester County Association, Anthony B. Gioffre III, Chair of the Land Use, Zoning & Development group, and Ashley Ley, a senior technical director at AKRF in White Plains, joined Bill Mooney, III, Esq., senior vice president and group director at Signature Bank, share tips and best practices for "the new normal" real estate planning and development meeting or public hearing. Read More >
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