June 05, 2020
In this informative talk hosted by the Westchester County Association, Anthony B. Gioffre III, Chair of the Land Use, Zoning & Development group, and Ashley Ley, a senior technical director at AKRF in White Plains, joined Bill Mooney, III, Esq., senior vice president and group director at Signature Bank, share tips and best practices for "the new normal" real estate planning and development meeting or public hearing. Read More >
October 24, 2019
Eon Nichols discusses the basics of IDA financing and how it can be beneficial for real estate developers and owners. Read More >
October 01, 2019
In this timely piece, Andrew Schriever, Partner and Co- Chair of the firm’s Litigation Practice, discusses how to ensure that practitioners serving cannabis businesses can maintain compliance with ethics rules in light of tensions between federal and state law. Download
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