Mamaroneck Self Storage
Mamaroneck Self Storage

Murphy Brothers Contracting and Cuddy & Feder Land Use Attorneys Anthony B. Gioffre III and Kristen Motel celebrated a significant milestone securing final Site Plan Approval from the Village of Mamaroneck Planning Board for the expansion of an existing self-storage facility. This achievement marks the culmination of a nearly six-year-long review and complex approval process that demanded sophisticated legal guidance to navigate numerous regulatory hurdles.

Murphy Brothers Contracting, a family-owned and operated business since 1979, is an award-winning firm and an integral part of the local community, embodying the spirit of a small family-owned business. In 2018, Murphy Brothers took the initiative to enhance their property and existing self-storage facility based on the demand and needs of the community and contribute to the improvement of the Village’s Industrial Area. Their vision included a new addition with a rooftop solar installation, an increase in the property’s flood volume storage, the reduction of impervious surface on site and the removal of older nonconforming buildings subjected to repeat flood damage.

Their goal set in motion a lengthy but ultimately successful journey through the approval process. In May of 2018, Murphy Brothers Contracting filed a Site Plan application for an addition to their existing self-storage facility, initiating a process that would span over half a decade. The project was referred to the Zoning Board of Appeals, who assumed an unprecedented role as lead agency under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and issued a positive declaration for the project. This triggered years of in-depth environmental review, during which impacts and alternatives were comprehensively studied.

After significant modifications to the project resulting from extensive environmental review, SEQRA Findings were adopted by the ZBA and four area variances were granted, allowing Murphy Brothers Construction to return to the Planning Board after a hiatus since 2018. The Planning Board subsequently referred the project to the Harbor & Coastal Zone Management Commission (HCZMC), which granted a consistency determination. Finally, the project returned to the Planning Board for the crucial Site Plan Approval.

The approved project realizes the Village’s goals for the Industrial Area and proposed MAKER Zone by incorporating not only additional self-storage space but also a woodworking shop and incubator professional office space. The addition will include streetscape and landscape improvements, as well as a publicly accessible pocket park, features that are unique to this area of the Village.

“We are incredibly proud to have played a pivotal role in guiding our client through this intricate and lengthy process,” said Anthony B. Gioffre III, Managing Partner of Cuddy & Feder LLP. “This achievement not only secures the future of the self-storage facility but also contributes to the revitalization and sustainability of Mamaroneck’s Industrial Area.”

Kristen Motel, Partner at Cuddy & Feder LLP said “Navigating the intricacies of land use regulations and this complex approval process was truly a team collaboration with Murphy Brothers Contracting, KTM Architect, Hudson Engineering, DTS Provident, Cleary Consulting and HydroEnvironmental Solutions. The final Site Plan Approval not only signifies a milestone for our client but also reflects our commitment to shaping sustainable and community-aligned projects in Mamaroneck.”

Chris and Sean Murphy, co-owners of Mamaroneck Self Storage, express their gratitude for the collaborative efforts that have resulted in the successful transformation of their facility, contributing to the overall improvement of the Industrial Area in Mamaroneck.

“Murphy Brothers Contracting believes that successful projects are always the result of teamwork,” asserted Chris Murphy, President of Murphy Brothers Contracting. “We’re grateful to have worked with Tony Gioffre and Kristen Motel, along with Kim Martelli, Mike Stein, Brian Dempsey, Bill Canavan, and Pat Cleary. Now that we’re finally past the approval process, my brother and I couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

“The best way to encourage your neighbors to improve their properties is to improve your own,” stated Sean Murphy, VP of Murphy Brothers Contracting. “We’ve reimagined our Mamaroneck Self Storage complex into becoming an anchor in the Industrial Area and a charming gateway into the Village of Mamaroneck.”

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